GDSL-BX-100 Primary Current Injection Test Set

I. General Information

GDSL-BX-100 Primary Current Injection Test Set, is mainly used for testing current transformer, motor protector, air switch, switch cabinet, circuit breaker, protection screen and etc.

II. Features
PVC panel, simple and neat.
With low power, big capacity autotransformer regulator and converter inside.
Zero start function to prevent the test objects from damage caused by high current impulse. The equipment only can be started from zero.
Impulse selection function. The required current can be output directly without zero protection function when making quick-break testing for circuit breaker.
Accurate measurement. LCD digital indicator to display output current and voltage. The resolution of output current is 1A and output voltage is 1V.
Portable design, suitable for on-site testing.
Damping design, to ensure reliable transportation.
The current range can be switched, easy to read.
Engineering plastics box, dust-proof and waterproof, IP67 class.
With wedge-shape air flue to improve heat-dissipation ability.
Directly display primary current and secondary current, convenient for CT/PT turn ratios calibration test. (Optional)

III. Specifications
Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz.
Output power: 3kVA.
Output current: 500A in series,1000A in parallel.
Output voltage: 6V in series, 3V in parallel.
Current can be adjusted smoothly and continuously. The accuracy is 1.0%.
Output current is standard sine wave, waveform distortion is less than 5%.
Output current: RMS continuous adjustable.
Duty Cycle: 5mins ON, 10mins OFF.